A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we’ve made this video so that you can discover, in a simple and swift way, how to request free samples of our single-use products.


1. Visit our single-use products section

2. Search for the product that you are interested in

3. Click on the text that says “order sample?”

4. Then, follow the respective steps to place your order

General information on requesting product samples

When requesting a product sample, you will not be sent the whole product, but instead a sample of it so that you can see its features and quality. For example, you will be sent one napkin as opposed to a whole pack of napkins. Or, you will be sent a portion of tablecloth roll as opposed to the whole roll.

You may request a maximum of up to 10 samples of different products. You can only request one sample for each product. If you purchase a product, you cannot request a sample of it in the same order, or vice versa.

We will send requested samples according to availability and, in some cases, samples of similar items so that you can see the product’s quality.